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4 Reasons Cosmetic Dentistry Has Become So Popular

January 19, 2023

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The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry reached out to 363 dentists across the country to survey them about the treatments they’ve been offering patients in 2015. What they found was that countless patients were motivated to get cosmetic dental procedures to help regain their youthful appearance, prepare for an important life event, or for restorative and health reasons. Many people are asking themselves what has changed in the last decade that has caused a rise in cosmetic dentistry. Here are four reasons smile-rejuvenating treatments have become so popular.

Affordability & Flexibility in Financing

Dental insurance plans have never typically covered cosmetic dental treatments. However, over the last decade, many dentists have begun offering in-house savings plans and partnering with third-party financers to make the cost of treatment more manageable.

In-house membership plans through cosmetic dental offices often include discounts on additional treatments you receive alongside coverage for all of your basic care, like routine checkups and cleanings. In addition, dentists often partner with CareCredit to provide patients with low monthly payment plan options so they don’t have to break their monthly budget to pay for a procedure.

Boosted Confidence in Personal & Professional Settings

Your smile is often the first trait that people notice about you, and whether you’re in a personal or professional setting, making a good first impression is important! When you feel positive that your grin will reflect your kind nature, confidence, and other important characteristics that you value in yourself, you can walk into any situation feeling more optimistic, and people will notice!

Advancements in Dental Technology

New dental technology and findings surface every month that make treatments safer, more streamlined, and reduce healing times. For example, soft tissue lasers have replaced surgical instruments and sutures for treatments like gum recontouring, making the procedure more comfortable, minimizing bleeding, and reducing post-op infection risks.

They were only first commercially used in dental practices in the 1990s, and now, most modern cosmetic dentists utilize them.

Improved Skills & Techniques

Similar to advancements in dental technology, dentists have more resources available to them that have allowed them to improve their skills and techniques in certain specialties, like cosmetic dentistry. Some of these include professional organizations, as well as post-graduate training programs and seminars. When paired with modern dental technology, this continuing education can provide top-tier treatment results.  

About the Author

Dr. Joshua Kuykendall enjoys helping boost his patients’ confidence by improving their smiles aesthetically and health-wise. He has completed advanced training in a wide range of cosmetic treatments, including BOTOX®, dental implants, minimal prep veneers, and more. He also stays abreast the latest advancements in his field by remaining an active member in several professional dental organizations. For questions or to schedule a consultation to learn how he can improve the look of your smile, visit Spring Dentist’s website or call 281-253-9797.

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